Saturday, October 13, 2007


this was tonight

a few days ago

last night

I keep a sketchbook by the bed.

Dave held his erection for a half hour pose.

Ambien Sleep 2

This is that charcoal in acrylic.

I like to draw first, then paint.

I looked at this instead of the mirror.

Somewhere, my eye size gets distorted.

Dave and I in the car.

Earlier this evening

I'm a little worried and feeling unattractive.

this was a good day


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I’ve been viewing your work for a bit now, appreciating your artistic talent and amazed at how quickly you create a painting or sketch. Splendid!

Ashley Blue said...

thank you for the compliments.

Sorensen said...

sorry if it's imappropriate for me to ask this here, I couldn't find an email.

I saw a video with you with this pornstar brandon irons, it didn't look like you were having fun or... whatever.

Did something bad happen there? Like something that shouldn't have happened? I've heard other people in the industry making cases against people for things, but I would suppose that would be hard to do... getting future jobs, etc.

I think making love can be a beautiful thing, sex is a natural thing, but it seems more and more that bizarre or abusive things are becoming more mainstream/ prevalent. I've seen blogs of people in the industry concerned as well.

I'm sorry if I'm prying or whatever. You can email me if you'd rather, and I can delete this post I think too, or put it on your other blog if that's more appropriate, or whatever.

I think people are somewhat... suggestable when in the process of orgasm/ sexual stimulation, and it worries me how we are 'teaching' a younger generation, along with the 'biofeedback' of physical pleasure to reinforce it, that some abusive things are the way 'sex' and love should be.

I hope I don't sound like I'm criticizing your choice of profession. It's more that things done in hate or with the intent to cause suffering seem to draw us away from being who we are, and I feel like maybe it some ways our culture is beginning to mould people to hate and fuck instead of make love.

I probably sound stupid.
Anyways, I hope you are well.

fantasy weather league said...

The second to last is excellent and you have an interesting angular thing going on there overall - not that you need a stranger bossing you around, but you should start painting again!

Grof said...

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Ryan said...

Is "Ambien Sleep" for sale? I'd like to buy it to hang in my apartment.