Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Midnight Hazel Nut

This is my latest painting. I'm not going to be lame anymore. For almost a year I was afraid to put anything on this blog. That's silly. It makes me happy to do this, and I like it again now.

a humble start

My Greatest Inspiration Is With Whom I Live

and love

more love



A Young, Male Model, Musician, Actor And Dominatrix

baby Bu in colored pencil


san said...

Hi Oriana, this work of yours is wonderful. Simple, thick lines. I love it. I should try working with oil too. I sometimes use acrylics, and it's a bit stressy too mix the colours just right before it dries up and you have to paint over it.

I think you've got talent. Way to go.


Roland Hulme said...

I LOVE this one of the gorgeous little bulldog looking up with his big, soulful eyes.