Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Extro Version

I've exposed myself a lot. to the point of non reaction. gratefully.

an elf


drawing my friends gives me a reason to reconnect

maybe that is the deeper meaning. at least half of it.


when I just can't get it right with drawing, I feel like a frustrated third grader who simply cannot figure out the correct answer to a multiplication table.

but instead of a wrong answer, I just end up with a distorted perspective. then I end up liking what I just criticized. now I'm questioning the whole idea of perfection and correction.

Warm Dominique

she opened my mind this afternoon.

I want to get deeper, to somewhere.

and it can't be forced out with a hand down my throat

it's going to take a while


Rachel Andrade said...

I love the self portrait with the orange chair. You look like a bitch with purpose. I dont think once upon a time when we knew each other that you ever spoke the way you do about your current love. Its been a long time since i have seen you and talk to you and i still wonder time to time how you are doing and if you are happy. I am jealous that you have a frenchie. I love that you are painting. Your photos and Mr. NAz's photos are disturbing yet sexy~ You are a dirty BIATCH! :)
Hope to see you or talk you again

Ashley Blue said...

wow! how do i get a hold of Rachel Andrade? Dude, email me or go on facebook and contact Dave Naz, that's ours. I want to talk to you and catch up bro!

Let's meet up and drink a 40 underneath the Ventura Pier for old times sake.