Saturday, December 6, 2008

Prop 8 Piece

here is what I have in the Prop 8 exhibition at Antebellum Gallery

it went through a lot of changes

for the painting, I was inspired by all the confusion that the pro-Prop 8 commercials tried to cause

how absurd that this awful law was twisted into some campaign about children being taught how to be gay, which is fine with me anyway

all of the colors I used kind of represent the distraction from the fact that this is about Civil Rights.


Robert said...

it turned out pretty cool(imho)


Roland Hulme said...

What an awesome painting!

god, what a MESS the whole Prop 8 thing turned out to be. I was disgusted with it all. The Prop 8 supporters (all the evangelicals and mormons) spending millions to fight against giving gay people the same freedoms they enjoy.

For a start - if they were really 'Christian' people, that money should have gone off to feed the homeless, cure cancer or something constructive.

Secondly, despite the 'support the troops' bumper stickers, if these people were really 'American' they'd have accepted the most fundemental belief that helped found this great nation - that you have the freedom to enjoy 'inalienable rights' like the freedom to marry who you want.

Hell, even in the 60s, when the supreme court said that interracial marriage was a right, the judges didn't specify gender. Just that EVERY American had the right to marry. It was part of the 'pursuit of happiness' in the Declaration of Independence.

But, hell, those prop 8 hypocrites don't care.

"I want my religious freedom,' they yell, while trying to reduce or destroy other people's freedoms. They all make me sick.

I was SO happy when Obama got elected, but the Prop 8 thing was a real kick in the nuts.