Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Alone No Good

i love to feel free. drink wine. listen to elvis c.....

but i over do it

i ask advice always, davey gives it to me gently straightly

my name is not Lenny and I do not like Rabbits

don't suffocate the art with all your love, ori! let it go

o.k. i will try. but I am still retarded. please remember-

i don't want a special parking spot, just a special gift in the way with the women and men models


mabus418 said...

i really like your art. if i ever have any money... you seem driven, your lines are so clear and strong. you have a distinct style which is rare considering the sheer numbers of people working in paint.

130x30 said...

i couldn't leave a comment on yr other blog so i put it here. sometimes i see you as billie holiday singing "my man".

my collages:

Connie said...

That's a really good painting! :-)

Marissa said...

i just saw the "soon to be... wife" on the dave naz blogspot and am so hyped. congratulations to you, for being real, for being wonderful, for being so inspirational. your paintings rock, and so do you. that man is lucky to have you. (and you are lucky to have him!)

Mark said...

Morrissey painting!