Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In No Particular Order

I was eighteen when I did this

sketch I did on the beach in Playa Del Carmen

sketch of Dave on beach in Mexico

sketch of a lady on the beach

I like the bottom half of this charcoal

another lady on the beach in Mexico

me and my butt


I always draw myself fatter than I really am


Sarah and I got drunk and started crying. Then I drew her.

wide load

drawing of Dave in the dark in our living room.

Ambien sleep

my hair was all wet and unbrushed- it looked too ugly not to draw

lamp, wine, Bambu

I had this framed for Dave



my face in Mexico

Dave and me


my mom's face


girl pissed


I did this in 2005, when I was drinking, doing coke and Xanax

2005- up all night. I painted this on an actual mirror. By the time I was done, I was so fucked up that my vision was terribly blurry. As you can see.

this is perfect


charcoal I entered in the Naked show

this painting took many forms before it got to this. I am so proud.

I did this at seventeen.

I thought charcoal on white paper was very "Naked" - just bare. no colors or distracting mediums.

I did this at eighteen

This is very soft when you feel it.

I think I was nineteen when I painted this one

still a troubled teen

oil pastel

the orchids from Sunday night

I painted this last year in 2006 for my friend's birthday. She didn't seem to care, so I kept it.

This is so much better in person.

this one is very soft too

this is the painting of Dave's Birthday Vase

it has really great texture. it's slick

I'm proud of this one too

I'm getting this one framed for Dave next

He loves the pose

up close this is incredible

I hope it's not lame to praise my own art work

but I really care for it

it is what I love to do

It just feels good to do it

it makes me happy


rob said...

hi there
just blogged your other blog in here :

thank you

GafferGail said...

I enjoy your work and its translation. I make pretty things, too!

Mr. Devereux said...

Are there any circumstances in which you would sell a signed self portrait? Let me know!

Kimmy Kay said...

I think your work is incredible and you are gifted. Why so many self-potraits?

Ashley Blue said...

I draw myself not out of narcissism, but only because it is practical. Finding others to sit for me is not easy to do. I also don't like to talk or be social when I am trying to draw or paint. It's too hard to focus on the picture.

Lx said...

i love the one you and dave framed.
the charcoals are great.
again, very reminiscent of a slightly less-surrealist Frida Kahlo.

Amanda said...

Your paintings are incredible.

san said...

ooh, this one with the green is really great!

I love it! Damn.