Friday, September 28, 2007

Mustard Rub

Oil pastel self- portrait

I did it this afternoon

I was cooking naked because it was hot in the house.

the latest stage in this painting's metamorphosis

it used to be this

here is how it began at first

an abstract one

although, still a self portrait.

the oil pastels have been so calming

there's no pressure with this medium

they are colorful and satisfying without feeling the stressfulness of paint or charcoal


Connie said...

You are a really talented artist :-)

ujamtwo said...

Wow i have seen a few clips of the movies u have been in. but I have a had time finding any thin that u have done. That is a drag. as u r very talented in the scenes i have had a chance to view. But here in kansas u don't have much of a chance to find anything. as all the good things are gone by the time they arrive to the middle of no where. lol.