Monday, September 24, 2007

Night Rally

Not done with this yet. It's still finding its way out.

The one on the left is what I just finished.

The blue one is still going through a phase. The one on the chair just needs a trim.

I have to do all of them at once. Paint dries a different speeds and I can't wait for it. Multiple projects are more inspiring and also the only way my creativity can cope with my impatience.

A sketch to lubricate the brain a little.

An exaggerated charcoal.

I think I ruined this because I can't stand white, blank canvas. So far every color has looked shitty in comparison to the way I had it in the first place. Fuck.

This is my exact facial expression.

Even I'm impressed by the subtleties.


Robert said...

i can't paint people
good job

Lx said...

wow, your stuff is slightly leaning toward Frida Kahlo.
I love the abstract one, up the page.